Chiropractor for President!

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A chiropractor for U.S. president? You may think that sounds ridiculous but when you learn of the values, leadership, dedication and integrity of some of the great chiropractors, you’d wish they’d be listed as one of the current U.S. presidential candidates.

Last week, I visited Life University. I graduated from the Marietta, Georgia school just north of Atlanta in 2000. The campus and school were top notch then but I was more than impressed with the upgrades and additions that are now part of the campus. It made me proud to be an alumni and at the same time, made me wish I was a student again!

The campus is stunning, particularly with the colourful Autumn hues which abound the many trees and idyllic woods by the gym, the ‘Treehouse’, academic buildings and river. There is a new restaurant within one of the main academic buildings with flatscreen tvs, sofas, and floor to ceiling windows. If I was a student, I’d never leave! This new watering and feeding joint is a pleasant mixture of  ‘Starbucks’ modernism, combined with healthy meal options yet holds the potential for an energetic and raging sports bar. This is a place to collaborate in study groups and socialise with the varied student body. Anyway you look at  it, it exudes positive vibes and fun whilst learning.

It overlooks welcoming courtyards and a beautiful triology of stones which honour D.D. Palmer, B. J. Palmer and Dr. Sid Williams. D.D. Palmer is known as the founder of chiropractic. His son B.J. Palmer is known as the developer who started Palmer School of Chiropractic in Iowa. Dr. Sid Williams, founded Life College of Chiropractic, and is known as the defender of chiropractic. Without Dr. Sid William’s diligence and steadfast defense of principled chiropractic, this holistic health profession would have disappeared. All of these men were ahead of their times in their understanding of nature and the intelligence within the body. They recognised and educated others that this innate intelligence creates life, energy and health. These vital principles are fundamental to true chiropractic care.

Dr. Guy Riekeman, the current president of Life University has done a remarkable job. The campus is ‘eco’ friendly and loaded with the newest and best in digital xray technology as well as a research team headed by Dr. Matthew McCoy. Students are taught important life skills and the value of integrity and leadership. They are encouraged to join the array of technique and extra study groups on campus which support their growth and development as a skilled doctor of chiropractic and a more well rounded and connected individual.

Life University is truly a dream for any student aspiring to be the best chiropractor and human! Speak to Dr. Reikeman and get inspired! This guy is so great that you’ll not only be glad that he is Life University’s president but also wish that he was running in the current U.S. election. He’d surely get your vote!

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