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Chiropractic adjustments help your body work more efficiently allowing for better long term health
Most people begin chiropractic care because they are suffering from backache or some type of joint pain, headaches or sciatica. At Highgate Chiropractic you will discover that chiropractic treatment is not just for back pain or neck problems but a means to keep your whole body healthy for the long term.

Your body constantly strives for balance. Everything you do on a regular basis influences your health. So every habit ranging from diet, exercise, posture, rest and mental stress influences your health.

Some common physical stressors are prolonged sitting, lifting, driving, poor posture and slouching at your desk. Other habits that can negatively influence your health include chemical components like a poor diet, processed foods, medications, alcohol, smoking, excessive caffeine, pollution and toxins in our environment. You also have mental habits that may affect your health, like work stress, financial worries, relationship stress or family problems

Your habits will either positively or negatively influence your future state of health!

If you want to change your future health, then you need to change your habits.

Your health is not just defined by symptoms like aches, pain, headaches or other discomforts. Your health is determined by how smoothly your body functions, heals and adapts to stress. Chiropractic focuses on improving your body’s function and ability to adapt and heal by removing the interference in the communication system in the body.

Symptoms are warning signs that should alarm you that something within is not working.

If you have a symptom, it is very likely that you have had an underlying problem for some time. Most problems start off silently, going unnoticed until your body has reached a point where it can no longer adapt and the problem has succeeded your pain threshold.

Chiropractic is a healthy lifestyle choice that can improve your future well being. It’s a good habit like eating a balanced diet or getting regular exercise.

The focus of chiropractic is prevention and optimisation of function, healing, power and life!

Chiropractic adjustments focus on clearing up the blockages or interference in the nervous system. We call these areas of misalignment and nerve irritation ‘subluxations’. Chiropractors aim to reduce subluxation by applying gentle hands on adjustments or corrections to the spinal bones.

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) is the governing body for chiropractors in the UK. The GCC could be comparable to the General Medical Council as it has established standards for care patient care, educational requirements for chiropractors and promotes the chiropractic profession.

According to information supplied by the General Chiropractic Council in their news report dated 25/02/2010 entitled The Report on the Effectiveness of Manual Therapies , evidence points that spinal manipulation or joint mobilization is an effective treatment choice for the following. In some cases or conditions, mobilization with specific exercise is recommended. Seek a qualified healthcare professional before starting treatment or exercises to see if the treatment is right for you.

  • Acute low back pain
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Acute neck pain
  • Whiplash associated disorders (mobilization with exercise)
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Shoulder dysfunction
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Knee arthritis
  • Migraine headache
  • Cervio genic headache
  • Plantar fasciitis

For certain conditions spinal manipulation or joint mobilization with exercise should be a treatment option in the absence of an effective alternative. Please refer to the GCC website news, 25/02/2010 The Report on the Effectiveness of Manual Therapies.

Chiropractic is not a “cure” or treatment for these conditions, but enables the body to function more effectively allowing many conditions to resolve. The body has a remarkable healing ability when its master control system, the nerve system, is clear of interference and functioning at 100%.

Healthy spine = healthy body

Everyone can benefit from improved life energy and internal communication in the body. Even those who seem to be symptom free, such as children and babies, can benefit.

Many patients choose to have regular chiropractic adjustments to prevent back problems. Compare it to maintaining your teeth. You want to maintain healthy teeth for life! Because of this, it makes sense to take care of your teeth on a regular basis – not just when they are painful! The same applies to the spine.

Like gravity, the principles of Chiropractic work…whether you believe in them or not.

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