Your First Visit

What to Expect

This section briefly describes what will happen during your first appointment, as well as what you can expect on subsequent visits We have found that the more a person understands our procedures, the more effective is the healing process.

Health & Lifestyle History

On the first visit, we aim to find out about your health and lifestyle so we can understand the causes as well as the extent of damage that may be present in your spine. You will be asked questions about your medical history, accidents, injuries, levels of stress, work and exercise habits in addition to questions about your spinal health, symptoms and problems.
These questions are designed to help determine the nature of your problem, the underlying causes and the best way to go about improving your spinal health and wellness.

Chiropractic Examination

Once your history has been discussed, a physical examination will be conducted. Information will be collected during this hands-on examination which will evaluate posture, spinal symmetry, range of motion, inflammation, tenderness and other signs of dysfunction in the spine. The spinal examination and analysis is performed to detect any abnormalities that may be affecting or causing your condition. Next, a number of specialised tests will be performed to determine which specific areas are affected and to what extent.

Report of Findings

Once all the data have been collected, your condition will be assessed to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care, or whether you need to be referred to another health-care professional.

We will then present you with your diagnosis. Your situation will be thoroughly explained. Visual aids (such as a model of the spine) will accompany this discussion so you can clearly see what is occurring and particularly where the chiropractor has found vertebral subluxations (pinched nerves or areas of nerve pressure areas) in your spine and the severity of your problem.
Throughout this process, we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Customised Care Plan

We will then tell you the degree of improvement you can expect with chiropractic care, as well as how long it will likely take to achieve meaningful results. With your input, both short-and long-term goals will be established.
During a session with the chiropractor, you will receive a chiropractic adjustment, which is a hands-on correction of the subluxation (areas of nerve pressure and misalignment).
You will be given an individualized care plan that will include chiropractic adjustments, and later strengthening and stretching exercises, and other lifestyle recommendations. Your care plan will outline the number and frequency of adjustments, which you require.

Bare in mind, that our aim is always to improve your health and well-being as much as possible and in the shortest amount of time.

Pregnancy, Children and Chiropractic

At London Chiropractor,  we care for the whole family including pregnant moms, infants and children.

Dr. Grove is certified in the Webster Technique. Contact London Chiropractor on 07904911499 to book with a Webster Technique chiropractor in London. Dr. Grove has seen many expecting mothers in the London Chiropractic clinic based in central London (EC4) and West London (NW10, NW6, W11).

The Webster Technique helps pregnant mom’s keep the alignment of their pelvis and spine in top shape for baby’s development, labour and a smooth delivery. Studies show regular chiropractic during pregnancy reduces labour times (see for more research articles on pregnancy, chiropractic, Webster Technique chiropractors in London, adjusting the pregnant mother, infant adjustments and childhood development).